A Fantastic Team!

As you probably already know from this website and our facebook page, we had a visit last week by a team from Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia… and it was a wonderful week!  There’s way too much to tell in an update like this, but here are a few of the things they were able to accomplish and experience while they were here:

  • At the Kosice Roma School, they painted around 40 desks and several large cabinets, and helped replace flooring and do some general cleaning.  Because of this work, the kids are going to have a cleaner and neater learning environment when they start school in a few days.  Beyond just this physical work, their presence helped encourage the school staff, and strengthened our relationships there.
  • In just a couple of hours at a local ministry center, the group was able to clean out a room in desperate need of TLC, along with sanding/staining several tables and chairs.
  • In a full day of work at the Kezmarok school, the group painted the student bathrooms, cleaned windows, and painted the outside fence that had been covered with rust and dirt.
  • They ministered – through just plain fun! – to the kids at Devleskero Kher Church.
  • They stayed in homes of both Slovak and Roma families, attended worship at the Roma church in Kosice, and participated in their home church’s worship service via Skype.  Plus, through conversations and visits to various places (including Auschwitz concentration camp), they learned about the history of the Roma people, the trials of Central/Eastern Europe during and after World War II, and the beauty of God’s creation here in Slovakia and Poland.

Whew!  That’s a lot, huh?  We thank God for these wonderful missionaries and their supportive church family, and their willingness to come and share in God’s work among the Roma people of Slovakia.

Below you’ll find some pictures of their time here – hover over images for a caption, click on images to view larger.

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