Thursday Snapshot – 4 September, 2014

The girls on their first day of school, prepared with flowers for their teachers – an annual Slovak tradition.

The new school year began this week here in Slovakia and in many places on both sides of the pond.  We’re proud of our girls, and are grateful they have the opportunity to learn and build friendships with kids from so many different cultures!  We appreciate your prayers for them as they begin this, their third year in Slovak school.  Abigail will be in the equivalent of 4th grade, and Kaitlyn in 3rd.

As you’re praying, please also ask for God’s protection, wisdom and blessing on the thousands of Roma students in schools across Slovakia.

Please ask for God’s special blessing on the two schools where we’ll be working this year – here in Kosice and in Kezmarok, Slovakia.

Finally, please ask for God’s guidance and energy, as this new school year also begins a new season of work and ministry for us here.  Not only will we be working in the schools and restarting our ESL classes, we’ll also be visiting with other workers among Roma here in Eastern Slovakia – trying to discover God’s vision for our longer-term ministry here.

We’re so grateful for your partnership and your friendship!  Know that as we send this update, asking for your prayers, we also send our prayers for you and your families.  Remember that we are all salt and light, no matter how old we might be or where in the world God has placed us!

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