A Word for Monday – September 29, 2014


This is a handy phrase that’s used in so many ways in Slovak that we could never cover them all.

Nech sa páči!

[nyeH sah PAH-chee] **

It literally means, “may it please you,” but it translates in many ways.  For example…

  • Someone might say nech sa páči when they open a door for you, meaning, “Come in!” or “After you.”
  • A server or host might say nech sa páči when they give you food or drink, meaning, “Here you are, enjoy!”
  • A salesperson at a store or market stand might say nech sa páči when you walk up, meaning, “Please look around,” or “Can I help you?”
  • When someone hands you something (like a gift, or the salt shaker) they might say nech sa páči, meaning, “Here you go!” or a polite way of saying, “You’re welcome.”

Basically, when you’re doing something polite or offering something to someone, you can’t go wrong using Nech sa páči!

**Note – the H sound is a hard H, like when we say the Scottish word “loch”.

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