A Word for Monday – “Revolution”



Google gives a nod to the Velvet Revolution in today's Google Doodle.
Google gives a nod to the Velvet Revolution in today’s Google Doodle.

Today is “Revolution Day” here in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic – the anniversary of the famous “Velvet Revolution” of November 17, 1989 that spelled the beginning-of-the-end for the Communist Leadership of Czechoslovakia.  While this is a national holiday here every year, this year’s commemoration has special significance since it is the 25th anniversary of those events in 1989.

This was a significant event, not just for these two countries, but for the entire world.  The Velvet Revolution was one of many signals that Communism was failing, and this particular revolution showed that it could happen without violence.  Read more about the Velvet Revolution and its significance in this article on Wikipedia.

9071389198_c41dae6fbc_zIn the Google image you’ll notice a hand shaking keys.  In those days, people would jingle their keys as a symbol of unity and support for the Revolution.  In honor of the Revolution, Czech artist Jili David created a statue built of 85,741 keys in the shape of the word “revoluce” (the Czech language version of the word).  This statue stood in Prague for many years, but in 2013 it was temporarily moved to Kosice for the Year of Culture in 2013 (see picture, left).  This is one of many ways this important event is commemorated around the city.  Read an article about the statue with more pictures here.

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  1. Jon, I truly enjoy and learn so many interesting facts about many different things from your “Monday” word. Hope and pray all is well with you and yours. Love to all. Angee

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