A Word for Monday – “Footstep”

Today’s word is short, simple and easy to pronounce!  It’s the word for “step” or “footstep.”


It’s pronounced like our word “croak,” but a little differently because the letter “r” in Slovak is a flipped r, like you probably learned in Spanish.

Why this word today?  Because we recently received a picture of this display at one of our partner churches.  It was made by a children’s group at Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond, Va.


This display with the footprints is a clever way to highlight one of our themes, “Praying With Your Feet” (remember the song we re-recorded and posted a few weeks ago?).  We love to see things like this, because it reminds us that we’re on a journey… and that we’re not on the journey alone.  Thanks HRBC, for being partners with us on the way!

Like our English word “step,” krok can mean a physical footstep, or a step in a process.  One of our mottos in learning Slovak and learning to minister here has been the phrase:

Krok za krokom!

“Step by step.”  That’s how we encounter God, that’s how we learn Slovak, that’s how we serve others… it only happens one step at a time.


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