Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes on this site we try to teach some simple Slovak words.  We’d love to teach you the Slovak word for Thanksgiving… but it’s a complicated word that comes out like a tongue-twister for most English speakers… vzďakyzvania [vuh-DYAH-keez-vah-nyah].

Fortunately, the concept behind the word is not so complicated. We GIVE THANKS today for all of you! Without your support in so many ways, we could not be here following God’s call. THANK YOU for giving, for praying, for reading our updates, for encouraging us by sending emails, gifts and cards… God uses you in ways you cannot imagine, and through you God is doing his work here in Slovakia!


We have prayed for you this morning – that God would keep you safe and well as you celebrate with family and friends. But more importantly, we pray that God would give you a heart that overflows with thankfulness and joy for the many ways God blesses us each day.

The girls are in school today, as usual – their school had a small Thanksgiving celebration this morning in honor of the American holiday. We’ll celebrate a small feast this evening as a family, but we look forward to Saturday when we will celebrate together with a group of other American families here in Kosice.

As you pray for us this coming week, please pray:

  • For the conclusion of our English Classes this Friday night (Nov. 28). We’ll have a celebration together, learning English through fun, games and food (yes, you can learn English while you eat!). We’ve developed some new relationships this fall through our English classes – please pray we’d be sensitive to the movement of the Spirit among those who are not yet Christ followers.
  • For teachers and staff at the schools in Kosice and Kezmarok.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and praying for you. Thanks for sharing this post and all you are doing. Elaine Grimes

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