Thoughts on MLK Day

46394_10100123862281209_918131817_nToday in the U.S. is a day to commemorate the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s influence changed the lives and futures of many in America, and his impact has been felt far and wide across the world.

We particularly resonate with MLK’s messages of hope and empowerment for those who are oppressed. When we first began to learn the story of the Roma and their situation here in Europe, we immediately thought of Dr. King. For decades, many people spoke these messages of reconciliation, love, and freedom from injustice on behalf of the African-Americans. But it was those among the African-Americans who stood and added their voices – people like MLK – who brought things to a tipping point.

Today the Roma in Europe face many of the same challenges and injustices that African-Americans faced. And there are many who, like us, work and advocate on behalf of the Roma people in Europe. But we believe that the real difference in their situation will not be made by people like us. It will be made by leaders from among the Roma themselves – people who can speak messages of reconciliation, love, and freedom to their own people and to the world. We’ve been privileged to meet a few of these, and we believe God is raising up more this very moment.

That is what we pray for almost daily, and we invite you to pray with us today – that God would raise up men and women, leaders among the Roma people, who can speak God’s message of freedom and justice. May their voices be the tipping point that makes a real difference in the lives of these beautiful people!


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