A Word for Monday – “Word”

Today’s word is the word for “word!”



Word-Ways-concentrated-on-009Most basically we would translate it as “word.”  But as in English, this word can have multiple meanings…

It could just mean “a word,” any set of sounds in a language that together convey a specific meaning or idea.

It can also mean “a message,” as we sometimes use in English – “I want to say just a word about…” or perhaps, “It was a hard word for him to hear.”  In “Church language” we’ll sometimes say something like, “I have a word for you today.”  We don’t just mean one word – we mean a specific message.

Finally, in John’s Gospel, Jesus the Christ is referred to as “the Word,” and this same word is used in Slovak translations.

Na počiatku bolo Slovo, to Slovo bolo u Boha a to Slovo bolo Boh.
(John 1:1, Slovak Ecumenical Translation)

“In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

This is the Word who was present at the creation of the world, the Word who spoke literal and audible words as he walked this earth, the Word who today speaks into our lives and hearts… and who, if we’ll allow him, will speak through us to others.

May the Word speak into your life today, and may your speech and actions be the Word to others!

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