Thanks be to God!

2015-03-02 12.42.03

These little pieces of plastic represent a lot of time, energy and money spent by quite a few people.  They also mean that we have our legal residence in Slovakia for another two years!  We’re so grateful to God for the chance to be here, and for God’s work on our behalf in lots of ways… some examples of ways we saw God working through this long (four-month) process:

  • The officer who handled our case spoke with us in Slovak and was patient with us, even though he speaks English… turns out he had gone through a similar process when he lived in England for several months, so he understood what it was like to sit on the “other side of the desk!”
  • Since we’ve already done this process twice now (before and after our deportation in 2012), we knew which offices to go to, what questions to ask, and what to follow-up on.
  • The local professionals at the notary and translation offices already knew who we were, and were easy to work with.
  • We got our materials turned in (mostly) on time, even though there was a last-minute problem with mixed-up emails and a missing document!

Please join us in thanking God for this good news!  This residence permit has definitely been an object of our prayers over the last few months!

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