Presentations August 26 – September 6 (and Upcoming Schedule)

We’ve had some more wonderful visits with friends and churches the last few days!

Westhaven Baptist Church, Portsmouth, Va. (Wed. Aug. 26)

We made a connection at Westhaven long before we left for the field, and ever since then they’ve remained connected with us – particularly through their children’s ministry, which has collected and sent us care packages in Slovakia.  We had a great time in Wednesday evening Bible study, sharing with adults and children and catching up with lots of folks who have been praying with us the last three years!

Abigail and Kaitlyn toured the children’s area, where they saw pictures and posters that the Westhaven kids had made about us.
These ladies helped organize a wonderful meal and evening gathering!

Purdy Baptist Church, Emporia, Va. (Thu. Aug. 27)

We got connected with Purdy Baptist through their pastor, Kathy Shereda, who visited us on a mission team in 2014.  The evening gathering was so encouraging, with lots of insightful discussions and some delicious food.

We posted some recipes a few weeks ago, and several churches have made Slovak-style dishes during evening meals – Purdy had both halusky and gulas!
Pastor Kathy and Ms. Irene were there early to make sure everything was ready to go.
Ms. Irene (far right) and Pastor Kathy were there early to make sure everything was ready to go.

Williamsburg Baptist Church, Williamsburg, Va. (Fri. Aug. 28)

The gracious folks at Williamsburg Baptist allowed us to come and share during a Friday evening event.  They invited area families and William & Mary students to enjoy cookout food, ice cream, and games.  We concluded the evening in the sanctuary, sharing about what’s going on in Slovakia.  WBC is a new connection for us, and we’re excited about this new partnership!

A twist on "pin the tail on the donkey," they played "Pin the Parks on Slovakia" - a great game to show people where Slovakia is.
A twist on “pin the tail on the donkey,” they played “Pin the Parks on Slovakia” – a great game to show people where Slovakia is.
We enjoyed getting to know the new pastor, Daniel Willson and his family.
We enjoyed getting to know WBC’s new pastor, Daniel Willson and his family.

Huguenot Road Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. (Sun. Aug. 30, AM)

Huguenot Road Baptist was one of the first churches to partner with us, and they’ve been strong partners ever since – praying faithfully, supporting us financially, and sending two mission teams.  We spoke in both morning services, and had a wonderful lunch with friends, discussing possibilities for future trips.


Ash Camp Baptist Church, Keysville, Va. (Sun. Aug. 30, PM)

On Sunday evening we trekked across Virginia to Keysville, where we spoke with another long-time partner, Ash Camp Baptist.  Because Ash Camp has known us for so long, we were able to share more informally and personally about some of our experiences.  The folks at Ash Camp welcomed us graciously, and we had a great evening reconnecting with them!

Pastor Ted Smith, his wife Sylvia and their daughter Michelle.
Pastor Ted Smith and his family are long-time friends and partners.

Mary-Martha WMU Group from First Baptist Gretna, Va. (Mon. Aug. 31)

Our friends Kent and Ann Brown invited us to their lake house near Gretna, Va., where we enjoyed an informal evening meal and a time of stories and songs with the women and husbands of the church’s Mary-Martha WMU group.  We had a wonderful time making new friends and enjoying a beautiful sunset over the lake.


Clarksville Baptist Church, Clarksville, Va. (Wed. Sept. 2)

On Wednesday evening we joined some new friends at Clarksville Baptist Church for an evening meal and presentation.  Pastor Greg Randall and the CBC family welcomed us warmly, and we had several Slovak and Roma-inspired dishes for dinner.  It was an encouraging evening, and we look forward to future connection with the Clarksville Baptist family!

The hand-written invitation and announcement. Who needs a computer when you can write like this??

Kenbridge Baptist Church, Kenbridge, Va. (Sun. Sept. 6)

On Sunday morning we shared in the Sunday School hour and worship service at our “home” church of Kenbridge Baptist.  These folks are like family to us, and it was a joy for us to be in Kenbridge most of the week to spend time with so many different people throughout the week – concluding with a very special time in worship, when Kaitlyn was baptized.  When we asked where she wanted to be baptized, she said she wanted to come “home” to Kenbridge.  We’re super proud of her, and are glad we could share this special time with our friends in Kenbridge!

Jon shares the children's message during worship.
Jon shares the children’s message during worship.



This week we’re enjoying a real break in Virginia Beach, and next week we come into the home stretch of our speaking engagements.  Just three more weeks in the U.S.!

Sep. 12 (PM)   Charlottesville, Va. – Broadus Memorial Baptist
Sep. 13 (AM)   Charlottesville, Va. – University Baptist
Sep. 13 (PM)   Harrisonburg, Va. – RISE
Sep. 14 (PM)   White Stone, Va. – White Stone Baptist
Sep. 15 (AM)   Richmond, Va. – Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond
Sep. 16 (PM)   Richmond, Va. – Central Baptist
Sep. 17 (lunch) Farmville, Va. – Heritage Baptist

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  1. Loved seeing all you have been doing in the last few weeks! Was so awesome spending time with you again. Loved the picture of all of us!

  2. Just showed Ted this and he doesn’t think he gets this.(But we know he doesn’t open all his emails!)  If he’s not

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