Thursday Snapshot – Oct. 15

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had our first sessions of the year with the kids at the Galakticka Roma school in Kosice.  We’ll be able to expand our work there this year, doing after-school English clubs with preschoolers through 4th-graders, and maybe some work in music.

Plus we were delighted to hear that the school has begun having religion classes for all their students.  In a visit with the principal earlier it he week, she told us (paraphrasing), “these children are learning things here at school, but they need more than just knowledge. When they learn about God they can change the way they think and behave.”  We’re so glad to hear this, and delighted to be a part of what God’s doing there!

Many of you saw pictures and heard stories of these kids while we were in the U.S. this summer.  These children bring us so much joy, because in them we see a bright future for the Roma people!

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