A Song for Christmas

IMG_8056Most every year I (Jon) write a song at Christmas time.  This year I’ve had a theme that’s been coming back to mind over and over – when things like this keep coming up, it’s one of the ways I sense that God is speaking.  And since it’s come back in so many little ways, I decided to make this the theme of my song.

I don’t know if you’re the same, but I’ve come to realize all the expectations I place on the Christmas season and on myself during this time.  I have this expectation that everything needs to be perfect – all the preparations, the decorations, the foods, the atmosphere… it’s almost as if I think Christmas won’t really occur if these things aren’t all just right.  I have similar expectations of myself – my heart should be still and quiet, focused on important things.

The reality, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, is that I’m never really completely ready.  Nothing’s ever just right.

And that’s OK.  Jesus came into a mess the first time.  And he’ll come into our mess even now.

That’s what this song’s about – it’s called “Where We Need You.”  This is our little Christmas gift to you, and it comes with our prayers that your celebrations – wherever they find you – are filled with unexpected and undeserved joy, grace and love.

You can listen to the song below, and the text follows.

After 2000 years have we made Christmas plain,
An event that was scripted like some kind of play?
The lines were all perfect, the sheets were all clean,
With babies and angels, a heavenly scene!
Maybe in our nostalgia we forget that this night,
Was filled with the chaos of everyday life.
With the dirt of a stable, the pain of a birth,
The lowest-of-low welcomed God to the earth.

You could have been born in the halls of a king,
With riches and fanfare and every good thing.
But you chose to show up where no one woulIMG_8056d guess:
In the midst of our pain and our mess.
You came where we needed you most.

Sometimes we believe that our lives should be clean,
Like the stage for the pageant, all set for a king.
The set must be perfect, our hearts must be clean.
We can’t have a mess when he comes on the scene!
But the truth is we’ll never be ready enough,
Our hearts are a mess and we’re cluttered with stuff.
The ghosts of the past make us weary and numb.
If he waited for us, Jesus never would come.

You could arrive in the halls of a king,
With riches and fanfare and every good thing.
But you choose to show up where no one would guess:
In the midst of our hurt and our stress.
You come where we need you the most.

I could never be perfect, that’s his job, not mine.
And I’ll never be ready, no matter the time.
But God didn’t wait ‘til the world was just right,
He came into that imperfect night,
And he’ll come into your heart and mine…

So as Christmas arrives we’ll be doing our best
To get the stage set and to pick up the mess.
But may we remember, as we do our part:
God’s love can be born in the messiest heart!

You didn’t come to the halls of the king,
And it doesn’t matter if everything’s clean.
We’ll open the doors up, and let you come through,
‘Cause you can make everything new.
You come where we need you the most.
Oh, please come where we need you the most.

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  1. I hope all is well there in Kosice. We are suppose to have 76 degree weather tomorrow (Christmas), a record for sure. No snow this year. May Santa stop and give you and the girls a very special Christmas. Love you Bob and Linda

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