Week of Prayer Day 2 – Moved to Help

Reposted from the CBF Romany Ministries website – cbf-romany-ministries.blogspot.com

From Jeff and Alicia Lee in Skopje, Macedonia:

Lee - tonis churchsPastor Toni, as he’s known to most, volunteers at the refugee transit camp on the border with Serbia four days a week. He boils eggs and passes out fruit, clothes and other supplies to the thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees who pass through each day. After a long week in the camp he travels an hour from his home just outside of Macedonia’s capital city to the small town of Sveti Nikole. There he spends his weekend leading a growing house church of Macedonian and Roma believers and another small church in an impoverished village nearby.

He works tirelessly to meet these congregations’ spiritual needs. But over the years he grew frustrated that there wasn’t much he could do to meet the physical needs of his parishioners. His family lives on the very meager salary his wife earns. From time to time he also earns a little bit from his church work. But even when he gives more than he can afford, there are still many unmet needs. He began to consider how the church could do more, more to meet the physical needs of the church-goers and the community around them. When Toni learned of our interest and background in agricultural ministry opportunities he was ready to pitch his idea: A farm. God’s Farm, to be precise.

With land acquired by the church Toni dreamed of starting God’s farm. He hoped to use proceeds from the farm to help the church provide for the practical needs of the members and the community. Toni developed a plan. With a grant from Texas Hunger Funds we helped Toni purchase livestock. In time, the farm will be a tool for further ministry among the congregations Pastor Toni leads.

Join us in praying for the further success of God’s Farm, the growth of the churches in Sveti Nikole, and for Pastor Toni and his family as they continue to serve where God has called them.

Prayer requests:

  • the further success of God’s Farm;
  • the growth of churches in Sveti Nikole;
  • Pastor Toni and his family as they continue to serve where God has called them.

Lee - tonis church

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