Week of Prayer for the Romany People

Shared from the CBF Romany Ministries blog – cbf-romany-ministries.blogspot.com:

Prayer Guide CoverEach year in conjunction with International Romani* Day (April 8), CBF Romany Ministries sponsors a week of prayer for the Romany people. At this time we release a prayer guide featuring stories and pictures from our various ministries. Throughout the next few days we’ll be posting stories here, and we invite you to read along, to be inspired by what God is doing, and to join us in prayer for God’s kingdom to come among the Romany people.

The theme for this year’s week of prayer is Romany on the Move.

If you’re very familiar with the Romany people, you’ll probably think “on the move” is an appropriate phrase to describe them! After all, for centuries many Roma lived a nomadic lifestyle, moving in groups from place to place wherever their services were needed. Even today, some Roma will move themselves and their family from one place to another in search of better opportunities.

But there’s another sense in which Roma are “on the move” – they are making strides socially, politically, and in advancing God’s kingdom.

The Roma are Europe’s largest ethnic minority, an estimated 10-12 million people with their own distinct history, languages and cultural traditions. But while many Europeans are becoming more culturally open and sensitive, the general attitude toward Roma people is a glaring exception. Many Roma people still experience prejudice and social exclusion, and some live in deep generational poverty.

But there are positive signs. In some places Roma are beginning to find better jobs, receive better education, and improve their communities. And when they do have to leave home, many of them take their deep faith with them. New congregations are popping up all over the globe, because these Roma on the move are planting the seeds of God’s Good News everywhere they go!

Day 7 Gandhi School

In these pages you’ll hear the stories of Roma from around the world who are on the move. Join us during the 2016 Week of Prayer for Roma, as we give thanks for how God is moving among the Roma, and discover how God calls each of us to walk alongside them as they find their place in God’s kingdom.

We invite you or your group to join us in the week of prayer – the prayer guide is undated, so you can use it anytime. We’re also providing a link here to the PDF versions of the guide (see below) that can be printed and used at home or at church. Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas about using the guide.

PDF Brochure-style for printing (middle page must be cut)

PDF of individual pages (on-screen viewing)

*Romani, Romany, and Roma are all names used to refer to this people group.

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