Request for Prayer – Second Conference

2016-09-30-17-20-39Starting this afternoon (Thursday) and continuing through Saturday, we’ll be hosting the second half of the CHE training we started a few weeks ago.  CHE, you may recall, stands for Community Health Evangelism. – it’s a method of working in communities to bring about spiritual, physical and social health as a way of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Our last training was excellent, and our attendees really learned and engaged with some new important ideas.  We’re hoping and praying for the same kind of outcome this time!

Will you join us in prayer for this event?  Here’s how you can pray:

  • For safe travel for the trainers and participants in the foggy, rainy weather – and for our translator who will be making a long drive late tonight to join us.
  • That the trainers and participants will be alert and energetic, ready to learn and to process more new ideas and a LOT of information.
  • That God would speak clearly about how this strategy could be used in this region of Slovakia – and that we would be open to hear and follow what God reveals.
  • That we’ll have meaningful times of worship and prayer together, as we seek to discover what God would have us do.
  • For our trainer, Marijana, who is joining us from Serbia where she works with CHE. Pray for her health, energy, and for a safe trip home to her family on Sunday.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these events, and through your prayers, by joining in the work that God is doing here in Slovakia.  We look forward to reporting back to you in a few days!

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