Prayer Update – Thank You!!

A couple of weeks ago in our newsletter we listed some prayer requests, and a few of you wrote to let us know you were praying.  We want to send you an update about one of those requests – and give you a reason to celebrate and thank God with us!

Yesterday, we finalized the process of purchasing a vehicle.  Our old one was giving us constant problems, and we’re very thankful we are able to get a replacement  vehicle that we hope will be more reliable!

Also, as of yesterday we have all officially received our renewed residence cards for another two years.  It’s a long process that involves a lot of paper-chasing and payments to various people… we’re thankful that God brought this round to a close successfully, and we’re grateful for your prayers (and to a LOT of people in different offices who helped make it happen)!

These kinds of administrative processes are a necessary part of living here, so we’re glad to do what it takes to make them happen.  But we’re also glad to have them over with, so we can concentrate on other things.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Update – Thank You!!

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  1. Jon and Tanya

    PTL for answered prayer!!! Glad you could find and purchase another can and also glad your residence card process is complete (at least for another 2 years). Know you are in our thoughts and prayers!


    Mel and Ann

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