Thursday Snapshot – Bag it up!

This Sunday we led children’s worship, and we used the time to talk about taking care of God’s world.  The Psalms often speak of creation praising God – the heavens declare, the trees sing, the rivers clap their hands.  It’s as if the whole universe is one big church where God is constantly being praised!  We need to take care of it just as well as we take care of our churches and homes.

Some areas of Kosice are littered with plastic grocery bags, despite the fact that they’re expensive.  Many stores have them, but you have to pay:  anywhere from 10-25 cents depending on the bag.  It’s a deterrent – why pay an extra euro every time you go shopping, when you can bring your own bags from home?  And still, they’re everywhere!

Using old t-shirts brought and left by previous mission teams, we made reusable shopping bags.  The kids decorated them to give to their parents, and while they did we talked about other ways to take care of creation.

Thanks to mission teams past, who unknowingly provided materials for these kids to learn about creation care!


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