Thursday Snapshot – Signs of Winter

You’ve probably noticed them where you live, too – signs that winter (zima) is on the way.  Here in Slovakia, there are all kinds of signs.  Last weekend (one week before most of the U.S.) we ended Summer Time, giving us more light in the morning, but making the evening sun much shorter.  The damp, chilly weather adds to the feeling that the daylight hours are dwindling each day.

Along with many other families here, we’ve spent time in the yard raking leaves (listy) and picking up walnuts (orechy).  We have six big walnut trees in our yard, so we have a lot of walnuts to collect!  These will sit in boxes to dry in warm places in the house, to eventually be opened and eaten in the weeks and months ahead.

We got our first dusting of snow a few days ago.  As you can see, it wasn’t a lot, and it didn’t last long – but it still prompted a flurry of activity around the city.  Some people (like us) raced to get their winter tires (zimné gumy) on their cars, a legal requirement for drivers here.  Others took the chance to get out their winter gear – coats (bundy), sleds (sánky) and skis (lyže) in preparation for the cold months ahead!



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  1. Jon, plan to visit with your mother this morning. Our schedules have not allowed me to return her beautiful vase she brought flowers in last week. So thoughtful of her.

    The snow looks so pretty covering your yard. However, it is rather “messy” when it melts!! Being from Mobile, will have to admit I can easily live without it. In fact, my mother was 45 years old, visiting us while in college in Jackson, MS, when she saw her first snow. We just had to take a picture of her helping my husband make a snowman!

    I have another feeling toward the walnuts! Gale Coleman, our former dietitian but now our Assisted Living Director, encourages us to eat some everyday, which I do. Delicious!

    Thanks for the “post”, enjoyed the news from Slovakia.


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