Report from Camp

Click the image above to read our e-newsletter report from camp.

We held our first summer day camp for children in the village of Cakanovce this year, during the first week of July – you might remember that we asked for prayer for this event during our last newsletter.   We had a great week of learning, music and games, and we are excited about the great connections that were made with the children and their parents.  We’re thankful to God for so many who made this week possible by their prayers and gifts of time, money and resources!

We want to share more with you in stories and pictures.  You can read more about the week in our most recent e-newsletter – follow this link or click the image at right – and you can also watch the quick video slideshow below.




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  1. Dear friends,  My recent visit with each of you “in the cafe” was indeed a blessing.  Enjoyed getting to know about our dear friend Denisa.  Am sending her a letter.Have not been out shopping since you gave me the pretty bag to use when I do, but rest assured Tanya it will be used!  Appreciate your thoughtfulness.I feel so blessed for all four of you to have spent time with me just the day before you were to leave for “home.”  Thought of you last Saturday and prayed for your safety going back.Because most of my family and friends have often heard me speak of the “missionary family in Slovakia”, I do thank you for the picture of Tanya and Ruth!  I will now be able to “show and tell!”  Also excited and interested in the report of summer camp.Will continue to ask God’s blessings on your ministry as you serve in His name, as well as for the girls and their new school year.Love and appreciation, Ruth  Dear Denisa, my friend,The Parks family, our mutual friends in the Lord, have recently returned home after a visit with their families and friends in the states. It was such a blessing for me to have a short visit with them.  Their daughters have matured so much.  Was a surprise for me to see what a few years growth has done to Abigail and Kaitlin. Alabama is still having hot summer days!  Most schools started this week.  My great-grandchildren (remember I am 92!) grades 7 and 9  are already busy with homework.   I taught Bible for 18 years in a private school, grades 8 through 12.  Because it was an “elective” my students were always eager to learn.  I have just this past Monday afternoon started leading a Bible class for 10 ladies.  We are meeting in a resident’s apartment so it will be more informal and I hope with lots of participation and fun for all. In the past 5 years I averaged 20 in attendance so the study was more like a lecture.  I did not want to do that again.   Denisa, the Bible says God knew before we were ever born that you and I would be friends, even if it is by email!!  I am so happy to share my life with you.  God bless you and know that I have your name on my daily prayer list for God to watch over and bless you.  Love, Ruth


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