April Newsletter – Jesus Everywhere

One of the joys of our work here is the time we get to spend with Roma school children in our weekly English Bible clubs. It’s a privilege we’ve had through the nearly seven years we’ve been here in Kosice – to spend time each week with the children, to help them learn, and to watch as they grow and mature. Our attendance each year has grown – this school year, we’ve been able to work with nearly 150 children in three different schools each week.

This week in our school clubs, we’ve spent time between units reviewing what we’ve learned so far this year. During 2018-19, we’ve worked to develop a new curriculum for our clubs that allows us to comb

We’ve smiled a lot this week as we’ve watched the kids try to recall the Bible stories we’ve learned. We gave them pictures that we used to tell the stories, and asked them to put the pictures in order (see photos). As we expected, they got the stories mixed up sometimes… But the thing that’s surprised us most often is how often the children found Jesus where he didn’t “belong.” Here are some samples:

Q: Haman was an evil man – who did he want to kill?
A: Baby Jesus!

Q: God’s people were slaves in Egypt. But God heard their prayers – who did he send to help them?
A: Jesus!

Q: God told Abram to look up in the night sky – what did he see?
A: The star that led him to Baby Jesus!

Q: On the sixth day, the Bible says God created all our favorite animals… but on that day God also made…
A: Jesus!

Of course, it made us laugh sometimes! The youngest children especially were determined to find Jesus under every rock, around every corner.

But it also made us thoughtful – how often are we so excited to find Jesus like that? How often do we look for him where he doesn’t “belong?”

A friend who once visited one of Mother Teresa’s centers in Calcutta was surprised on his first morning to hear the cry ring out, “Jesus is here! Jesus is here!” He hurried with the others to the front gate, not certain what he’d find. He watched as they brought in a man who was deathly sick and emaciated from hunger. They carried him in and lavished him with love and care – not because they felt sorry for him, but because they had found Jesus in the “least of these.”

Jesus said, “I will be with you always,” (Matt. 28:20), and that “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them.” He said, “when you have done something for one of the least of these, you have really been doing it for me” (Matt. 25:40). That means that Jesus really is everywhere – under every rock, around every corner.

Are we looking for him, like those little children in the classrooms? He’s there – in the faces of those we love, but also in the faces of those we don’t know, and even in the faces even of those who make us afraid or angry. Will we recognize him?

Please pray with us:

  • For mission teams from Marion, NC (May 18-25) and Beaufort, SC (June 6-5), as well as a Student.go intern coming to help with the recording projects. Pray for these volunteers’ safety and health, for fruitful visits, and for God’s wisdom as we lead activities in schools and communities.
  • For our time in the U.S. this summer – pray for safe travel and rich time with family and partners.
  • Pray for our group of local leaders as we hope to begin doing work using the CHE method (Community Health Evangelism) in a local village.

Christ is Risen Indeed!

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