Ways to Connect

Last week we shared a story, but this week we want to also share some specific needs we have, and offer you different ways to connect with what God is doing here in Slovakia. If you’re interested in any of these, please respond to this email or contact us through Facebook.

Sewing Puppet Costumes

We’ve been given a number of puppets for use in our ministry, and this year we’re using them to tell Bible stories. Most of these puppets are dressed in 21st-Century clothing, so we’re looking for some volunteers who can make some simple Bible character costumes for them. Do you sew, and do you have time to make something like this? We’d love to have your ideas and help!

Connect with an Adult Student

We’ve been sponsoring several adult Roma students for the last couple of years, but we’re interested in investing in them more deeply. These students face challenges – many of them are working to support their families while they study, and they’re all working against a culture that doesn’t place much value on higher education. We’re going to meet with these students more often, and offer them a chance to connect with individuals in the U.S. who will pray for them and encourage them through monthly email and/or letter exchanges. Is God calling you to be a part of a student’s life in this way?

Two-Year Volunteer Needed

We’ve posted a position for a long-term (two year) volunteer (or couple) to come work with us here in Kosice. This volunteer would work alongside us in the school clubs and English classes, and eventually help us with more community development work. The position is posted through CBF’s Global Service Corps. Are you interested in this position, or do you know someone who might be? Find out more at http://www.cbf.net/global-service-corps.

CBF Offering for Global Missions

The annual offering for CBF’s global mission work is currently below target. While we raise the funds for our ministry and local expenses, our “presence” – salary, insurance and administrative expenses – are funded through this offering. Please consider a year-end gift to this offering that makes it possible for us to be here! You can give here:


If you would like to connect in any of these ways, please respond to this email or contact us through our Facebook page (Jon & Tanya Parks). We are thankful for your partnership, and wish a blessed Thanksgiving week to all our readers in the U.S.!

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