Join Us – Virtual Prayer Walk

We invite you to join us on a virtual prayer walk in the Roma settlement in Cakanovce, Slovakia.  You’ve read that name here before – it’s a community where we’ve been teaching and doing community development work.  Due to COVID restrictions we can’t hold a community meeting like we’d hoped this Saturday… but we’re going to spend time there with our team, prayer walking and talking with people. 

Please join us!  You can join us at the actual time we’ll be prayer walking – 11:00 am U.S. Eastern time on Saturday, June 27.  Or you can join us anytime – take a walk in your neighborhood and spend a few minutes praying with us over the needs of this community.  Watch the introductory video below, then scroll through the prayer requests here (or download this PDF file).

If you decide to join us, please let us know – we’d love to hear your experience, and let us know if God shows you something as you pray!

Pray for the racial relationships in the village.  There is anger and mistrust between the Roma and the majority Slovak.  Pray for God’s peace and reconciliation, and for people on both sides willing to step up and come together. 

Cakanovce residents gather for a community meeting in December

Pray for the protection of the village from Coronavirus, especially the Roma settlement where infectious diseases tend to spread quickly. 

Entrance to the Roma settlement in Cakanovce

Pray for our relationship with the mayor and other officials.  We want to work alongside them, and we really need their support to see any meaningful change.

A young man speaks at a community meeting in Cakanovce. The young people are particularly interested in seeing positive change.

Pray for the children this summer – the summer holidays for children in Roma communities are both boring (they don’t take vacations) and difficult (they aren’t getting school snacks).  Pray that our Strong Kids clubs can help fill in the gaps.

Children in the Roma settlement spend most of their free time playing outside

Pray for the soccer field and the common spaces of the village – may they be places of peace where the community can gather. 

The community gathered for a family sport day on the soccer field sponsored by our team in October

Pray for our team of community development volunteers working with the CHE method – Community Health Evangelism (the organization is called ZEK in Slovak).  Pray for wisdom for us as we seek for God’s way and God’s timing, after a couple of setbacks this spring.

Our ZEK team at a meeting in May.

Pray for the village school and teachers.  Very few Roma students in the village were able to participate in school this spring because they lacked technology and internet access.  Pray that the teachers would have patience as they look for ways to help the kids learn in a drastically different school environment.

A mission team works with the students at the school in November

Pray for the parents of the village – that we’d be able to help them find ways to prioritize and support their children’s education.

Older children from the school pose with a banner they received from a U.S. congregation

Finally, pray that God’s Kingdom would be seen and known among the people in this village – that they would grow in their relationships with God, with each other, with their environment, and with their own selves!

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