October Video Update (newsletter)

Greetings from a cool and rainy Slovakia, where fall is very much in full swing!

While cities here in Slovakia are always growing, Slovak culture is still very connected to the lands and seasons. When we drive through the villages these days, we see lots of people gathering apples, pears and walnuts. Cabbage is being harvested, and will soon be put away in large vats to ferment for the traditional Christmas soup. It’s a time of harvest and preparing for winter. The smell of fruits and leaves is in the air!

This changing season is a reminder to all of us in these days: While everything may seem uncertain and chaotic right now because of the things going on in our world, some things don’t change – the turning of the leaves, the seasons of life, and God’s unending care for us.

While activities here are still very limited because of COVID, we have been able to engage in ministry in small groups and through different online formats. Here’s an update from us in video format – click on the video below to watch.

Click/tap the video above to watch

Prayer Requests

Pray with us for Slovakia, the U.S. and our world, as all of us continue to struggle both with the dangers posed by the virus, and with the changes in our society that have come about because of the pandemic.

Pray for Roma in Slovakia during this time.  The virus has, so far, not been as widespread in Roma settlements as experts feared.  Despite this, the Roma here – like most marginalized groups around the world – are feeling the economic effects. We’ve heard from so many who’ve lost jobs, as Roma are among the first to be let go as businesses and factories lose money.

Pray that we’ll find ways to connect with the people in Cakanovce who are interested in group meetings (mentioned in the video).  Since meetings like this are currently prohibited, pray that we’ll be able to find creative ways to stay connected with them!

Grace and Peace to you!

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  1. Great hearing from you again.Loved the video. You have not lost your love and enthusiasm despite these tough times. May God continue to bless and guide you.
    Love and prayers, Pauline Satterfield

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