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So how can you be a part of what God’s doing among the Roma people in Slovakia?  Lots of ways!


As we’ve taken this step of faith, we have seen firsthand how important prayer is to what we will be doing. We need prayer partners for every step of our journey.  Would you commit to pray with us for the Roma people?  Will you pray for us as we begin our ministry in Slovakia?

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Be an Advocate!!

We are confident that God will provide through partners who are touched by the story of the Roma people.  But in order for them to know the story, they have to HEAR the story!

  • Do you know someone who could partner with us in prayer and giving?
  • Would you be willing to host an event, where we could share our story and what God is doing among the Roma people?
  • Do you think your church would be interested in partnering with us?

Contact us and let us know!


We know that people’s lives are changed as they work to meet the needs of others, and as they see what God is doing around the world.  We welcome individuals, families and teams who want to come for a few days or weeks to be a part of what God is doing among the Roma in Slovakia.  Do you feel God’s call to minister among the most neglected?

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