A Song for Christmas

Most every year I (Jon) write a song at Christmas time.  This year I've had a theme that's been coming back to mind over and over - when things like this keep coming up, it's one of the ways I sense that God is speaking.  And since it's come back in so many little ways,... Continue Reading →

Visit: Romano Drom camp

This past weekend we received an invitation to a tiny place called Potoky, about an hour north of Kosice.  The event was an open house for a two-week "summer school" being held there, at a secluded camp area tucked into the hills of northeastern Slovakia.  What we found there amazed us. The camp, called Romano Drom ("The... Continue Reading →

New Song!

The past few weeks we've been working on getting some recording done.  As most of you already know, I write songs that we perform together, and we're trying to get some of these polished and recorded so that we can do them in concerts this fall and winter. You should see the audio player below... Continue Reading →

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