Ways to Connect

Last week we shared a story, but this week we want to also share some specific needs we have, and offer you different ways to connect with what God is doing here in Slovakia. If you're interested in any of these, please respond to this email or contact us through Facebook. Sewing Puppet Costumes We've... Continue Reading →

Being Present and Being Presence

If you’ve read our newsletters, you probably know how much we enjoy hosting mission teams. We love introducing volunteers to our friends and coworkers here. We put our teams to work, and they accomplish a lot! But we intentionally plan work for them that’s relational – they work alongside local believers, they sit and interact... Continue Reading →

Beloved Community

It was a beautiful day on the lake.  Since it was the middle of the week, there were very few others out.  The children tubed off the back of the jet ski, while the adults bobbed in the water and watched.  We talked of purpose and ministry, retirement and new grandbabies, losses and joys, new... Continue Reading →

New Perspectives

Have you ever noticed something unexpected and new in the midst of familiar surroundings? A few days ago I was walking in an area of town I usually only drive through. The walk gave me a chance to notice some things I hadn’t seen before – a coffee shop, a repaved road, a little statue... Continue Reading →

Changing Plans

Note:  This post - with different pictures - was just sent out as a newsletter along with prayer requests.  Don't get our newsletter?  You can sign up on the menu bar of our website - parks-in-slovakia.com. In life, things rarely go exactly as we plan them… and we’ve found that to be especially true with... Continue Reading →

Barrier or Bridge?

“Language barrier” is a common phrase in English… have you ever been in a situation when language was a barrier? We’ve certainly known that feeling. After nearly seven years here in Slovakia, we’ve felt it often, and we still have situations when we feel hindered by the fact that Slovak is not our native language.... Continue Reading →

On Hospitality

We love hosting people in our home. It is fun to have parties or get-togethers and enjoy laughing, playing games, and just becoming “beloved community” together. This year, I (Tanya) have set out to learn more about hospitality, both practically and spiritually. What does it mean to practice hospitality? What does it mean to have... Continue Reading →

Simple Acts of Love

Do you remember getting Valentine’s Day cards? When I was young – and when our girls were still in U.S. schools – you brought a Valentine card for everyone in your class. A little box would come with 10-12 small cards, and they usually had some kind of cartoon character, a bad pun, and maybe... Continue Reading →

Unheard Voices

Many people – I’m one of them – don’t like to hear themselves in video or audio recordings. There are all kinds of possible reasons for this; one popular theory states that our voice sounds very different to us when it’s not carried to our ears through bone conduction. Whatever the reason, I usually cringe... Continue Reading →

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