Change is Coming – CBF Funding

We've created a page that discusses some things that are changing for us in the near future... But we admit that these changes might not matter to many of you. Our sending organization, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), is making changes to the way that we and all other CBF Field Personnel are funded.  These changes... Continue Reading →

Reminder: Giving Tuesday

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, wherever the day found you! Our Thanksgiving Thursday was "normal" in that we still had school and ministry activities, but we took time to celebrate together with friends over the weekend. We hope that you, like us, have found meaningful ways to cultivate gratefulness for... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 4

June 6 - Westhaven Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA) - On Wednesday June 6 we were invited to Westhaven Baptist Church in Portsmouth, where our friends Bruce and Traci Powers are ministers.  Once we pulled in, the place brought back memories:  We were there for worship on a Sunday a few years ago, and during that service... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 3

May 27 - First Baptist Church (Gretna, VA) - This was another of Tanya's opportunities to speak outside of Kenbridge on a Sunday.  Gretna is about 1.5 hours from Kenbridge, and the church home of Virginia's state WMU President, Ann Brown.  Ann and Kent are, coincidentally, the parents of Rob Brown, the pastor at Blackstone.... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 2

May 6 - Oakland Christian Church (near Kenbridge, VA) - Because Jon has a "standing engagement" on Sunday mornings, Tanya has had a few chances to visit with churches interested in hearing our story.  One of those churches was Oakland Christian Church here in Lunenburg County, where Tanya visited on Sunday, May 6.  It's a... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 1

We've been traveling a lot this spring, visiting quite a few churches over the last couple of months in an effort to build partnerships.  We had been reporting most of those visits until the spring got away from us, so we wanted to tell you where all we've been these last few weeks... April 1... Continue Reading →

May Newsletters Sent

Yes, there were two.  The first one asked for prayer, and the second one shared some good news!  We have plane tickets for July 2 for our move to Slovakia!  But we still have some fundraising work to do, and lots of preparations to make.  The newsletters share a lot of that, so go there... Continue Reading →

Wherever He Leads

We all have our favorite hymns or praise songs, don’t we?  Every time we sing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” I think of my sister – it was sung at her wedding and is one of her favorites.  I have many beautiful memories of my mother when I hear “In the Garden.”  I cannot hear “Shout... Continue Reading →

“So WHEN are you leaving??”

We've been asked a lot lately when we plan to leave.  The answer is straightforward - as soon as we meet our financial goals.  But those goals are not always so easy to understand.  So we put together this little presentation that shows how the process works. It's about 3 minutes long and it's on... Continue Reading →

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