Barrier or Bridge?

“Language barrier” is a common phrase in English… have you ever been in a situation when language was a barrier? We’ve certainly known that feeling. After nearly seven years here in Slovakia, we’ve felt it often, and we still have situations when we feel hindered by the fact that Slovak is not our native language.... Continue Reading →

Simple Acts of Love

Do you remember getting Valentine’s Day cards? When I was young – and when our girls were still in U.S. schools – you brought a Valentine card for everyone in your class. A little box would come with 10-12 small cards, and they usually had some kind of cartoon character, a bad pun, and maybe... Continue Reading →

Visit: Romano Drom camp

This past weekend we received an invitation to a tiny place called Potoky, about an hour north of Kosice.  The event was an open house for a two-week "summer school" being held there, at a secluded camp area tucked into the hills of northeastern Slovakia.  What we found there amazed us. The camp, called Romano Drom ("The... Continue Reading →

Connection Idea – Scripture Reading

This morning (Sunday, 2/10) we'll read scripture in worship at Franklin Baptist Church in Franklin, Virginia. You read that right - we'll do a scripture reading and greeting, but not in person.  We've sent them a video recording of us doing the scripture reading (Zephaniah 3:14-20) as a family.  This was their idea (thanks, pastor... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 4

June 6 - Westhaven Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA) - On Wednesday June 6 we were invited to Westhaven Baptist Church in Portsmouth, where our friends Bruce and Traci Powers are ministers.  Once we pulled in, the place brought back memories:  We were there for worship on a Sunday a few years ago, and during that service... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 3

May 27 - First Baptist Church (Gretna, VA) - This was another of Tanya's opportunities to speak outside of Kenbridge on a Sunday.  Gretna is about 1.5 hours from Kenbridge, and the church home of Virginia's state WMU President, Ann Brown.  Ann and Kent are, coincidentally, the parents of Rob Brown, the pastor at Blackstone.... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 2

May 6 - Oakland Christian Church (near Kenbridge, VA) - Because Jon has a "standing engagement" on Sunday mornings, Tanya has had a few chances to visit with churches interested in hearing our story.  One of those churches was Oakland Christian Church here in Lunenburg County, where Tanya visited on Sunday, May 6.  It's a... Continue Reading →

Spring Church Visits – Part 1

We've been traveling a lot this spring, visiting quite a few churches over the last couple of months in an effort to build partnerships.  We had been reporting most of those visits until the spring got away from us, so we wanted to tell you where all we've been these last few weeks... April 1... Continue Reading →

Partners: Susan & Robby Bolling Photography

We're excited to announce that Susan and Robby Bolling, photographers here in Kenbridge, are partnering with our ministry!  If you've been to our website, you've seen some of the wonderful images they create - they did a photo session for our family back in September to create the promotional photos we use...   Per your... Continue Reading →

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