Roma Day at Galakticka School

International Roma Day was April 8, and it was observed and celebrated in different ways throughout the world - see here for last year's post, which includes a short explanation.  This week we were invited to attend a performance at the Galakticka School in Kosice, held in celebration of Roma Day.  It's a joy to... Continue Reading →

Season of Prayer for Roma People

During this week, we encourage you to visit the Facebook page for CBF Romany Ministries and join us and others in a season of prayer for the Roma people.  There you'll find updates from our teammates who work with Roma people, including prayer requests that you can focus on this week following International Romani Day.... Continue Reading →

International Romani Day 2017

Today, April 8, is International Romani Day.  There are an estimated 10-12 million Romani people living across Europe today, and at least one million people of Romani descent live in the U.S.  These are the official statistics... but if you have followed us at all you know that the Roma people are so much more... Continue Reading →

Side by Side

Two articles today, which make an interesting comparison when placed side-by-side. The first is a report by Amnesty International, about the ongoing need for educational reform and desegregation in Slovak schools. The second is an article from a Spanish newspaper about the change in and resurgence of Roma culture, education and employment in Spain.  There... Continue Reading →

Article: When ‘special’ means segregation

This editorial recently appeared in the Slovak Spectator, Slovakia's English-language newspaper.  Written by staff writer Beata Balogová, it addresses one way that some countries' school systems intentionally segregate the Roma... with results that can have a generational impact. 26 Aug 2013 | Beata Balogová | Opinion Photo by Sandy Carter, (c) 2013 Sandy Carter Photography.... Continue Reading →

Article: A Unique School

A few weeks ago our friend Pavol Ičo, the English teacher at the school, had this article published in the Slovak National Newspaper, the oldest newspaper in the country (their website is here).  He writes about the importance of the work they are doing there, and why education among the Roma here in Slovakia is such... Continue Reading →

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