International Roma Day

Here are some suggestions for observing International Roma Day (April 8): Placing a flower in the nearest river, lake, ocean etc. - the waters all flow together into one.  In the same way, the disparate Roma people are all united through their common heritage. Lighting a candle - as a way of remembering the many... Continue Reading →

International Roma Day – Monday, April 8

Monday, April 8 is International Roma Day, and several events will be held in observance in places around the world... including Texas (see the article linked below)! International Roma Day has been observed for many years, but this year it's gaining perhaps more attention than usual.  Individual violence and slander against Romani is ongoing.  Governments... Continue Reading →

Pulse of the Planet – Roma

UPDATE - The links in the previous post did not work correctly, so I am re-posting this with the new links below. Pulse of the Planet is a short daily radio program on NPR stations that blends information with sounds recorded from real life.  Yesterday a Facebook friend alerted me that  Pulse of the Planet... Continue Reading →

International Roma Day and Prayer Guide

The first International Romani Day was declared on April 8, 1990 at the Fourth World Romani Congress in Serock, Poland.  Since then, April 8 has been set aside each year as a time to celebrate Roma culture and heritage.  Below you'll find more information about it. But first, we want to make you aware of... Continue Reading →

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