Week of Prayer – Apology!!

We got behind in the process of re-posting the articles from the CBF Roma Ministries blog these past few days.  All the stories and prayer requests can be found on the blog itself, and we ask that you go there to read them.  Each of our colleagues has a story to tell that shows how... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer Day 2 – Moved to Help

Reposted from the CBF Romany Ministries website - cbf-romany-ministries.blogspot.com From Jeff and Alicia Lee in Skopje, Macedonia: Pastor Toni, as he’s known to most, volunteers at the refugee transit camp on the border with Serbia four days a week. He boils eggs and passes out fruit, clothes and other supplies to the thousands of Syrian,... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer for the Romany People

Shared from the CBF Romany Ministries blog - cbf-romany-ministries.blogspot.com: Each year in conjunction with International Romani* Day (April 8), CBF Romany Ministries sponsors a week of prayer for the Romany people. At this time we release a prayer guide featuring stories and pictures from our various ministries. Throughout the next few days we'll be posting stories... Continue Reading →

Thank You!!

To those of you who were able to participate with us in some way during this season of prayer - THANK YOU!  We're so grateful for your partnership and your prayers.  Together, we believe that God is making a difference among the Roma and in billions of other lives around the world - and we're... Continue Reading →

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