Tuesday has been a wonderful day here in Kosice, and we've been blessed in several ways! First, it is Tanya's birthday, and she's had a special day - we had a very American breakfast this morning (eggs, bacon, sausage gravy and biscuits), and went out for dinner this evening at the Golden Royal restaurant in... Continue Reading →


Vision Trip to Kosice, Slovakia, a set on Flickr.Our Sunday in Kosice included a visit at the city's Roma church, a traditional Slovak lunch, a beautiful evening walk and a trip to get ice cream. All in all, a wonderful day. Our bags arrived late Saturday night - we now have more than one and... Continue Reading →


[Edit - hope this makes it to Facebook... Tanya's feeling much better today. Amazing what a full night's sleep will do for you!] Today has been a much-needed day of relaxing. We've stayed around the house for the most part, and had some great conversations about the Roma, life in Slovakia, and even learned a... Continue Reading →

We Have Arrived!

(Above: Buddy and Sassy are strapped in for the long flight over the Atlantic... they made it with no airsickness) We have arrived in Košice!! But it took a little longer than we thought... We won't bore you with all the details, because most of you have had travel delays too. I will say, however,... Continue Reading →

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