Ways to Connect

Last week we shared a story, but this week we want to also share some specific needs we have, and offer you different ways to connect with what God is doing here in Slovakia. If you're interested in any of these, please respond to this email or contact us through Facebook. Sewing Puppet Costumes We've... Continue Reading →

Easter in Slovakia

We haven't posted here in a while - though if you receive our email newsletter, you know that we've sent out a couple of newsletters since our last blog update.  Sorry for the long delay! First a link to our most recent newsletter, published two weeks ago - it includes invitations to a couple of... Continue Reading →

Season of Prayer for Roma People

During this week, we encourage you to visit the Facebook page for CBF Romany Ministries and join us and others in a season of prayer for the Roma people.  There you'll find updates from our teammates who work with Roma people, including prayer requests that you can focus on this week following International Romani Day.... Continue Reading →

Request for Prayer – Second Conference

Starting this afternoon (Thursday) and continuing through Saturday, we'll be hosting the second half of the CHE training we started a few weeks ago.  CHE, you may recall, stands for Community Health Evangelism. - it's a method of working in communities to bring about spiritual, physical and social health as a way of sharing the Good... Continue Reading →

Thank You For Praying!

We are very grateful for your prayers for our CHE Training this past weekend - your prayers were felt, and made a difference! Thursday through Saturday, a total of 15 people gathered at a conference center near Kosice to begin learning more deeply about the strategy and theology behind CHE (Community Health Evangelism). The training... Continue Reading →

Request for Prayer – Conference

We ask for your prayers over the next two days as we help lead a training conference we've been planning and organizing for several months.  You probably remember us talking here about CHE - Community Health Evangelism (you can read more about CHE here).  CHE is a method of working in communities to bring about... Continue Reading →

Prayer Requests

I’ve been reading a number of blogs lately, and one of the things I am struck by is the authors’ willingness to be a little vulnerable.  Jon and I want to be always honest with you about our ministry here, and about the way that we see God working here in Slovakia.  Sometimes, that means... Continue Reading →

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