Barrier or Bridge?

“Language barrier” is a common phrase in English… have you ever been in a situation when language was a barrier? We’ve certainly known that feeling. After nearly seven years here in Slovakia, we’ve felt it often, and we still have situations when we feel hindered by the fact that Slovak is not our native language.... Continue Reading →

Thursday Snapshot – Ski Practice

Most students in Slovakia have a chance at least once during primary school to have a "ski week" - an opportunity to hit the slopes with their classmates and teachers.  The Ministry of Education offers some financial assistance for this, making it possible for students of different economic backgrounds to take part.  Because Slovakia is... Continue Reading →

September Newsletter

We sent out our e-newsletter a couple of days ago - you can access it by clicking on the link below. If you want to receive the e-newsletter in your email inbox, follow this link to sign up.

Article in Fellowship! Magazine

For those of you who receive Fellowship!, the bi-monthly magazine of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, you may already have seen the article in the February/March issue that talks about our work here in Slovakia.  For those who haven't, you can read a digital copy of the magazine by following this link, or by clicking on the image... Continue Reading →

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