Spotting Jesus – Born on the Run

The past couple of years I've enjoyed writing some "Spotting Jesus" posts during the Advent season.  After all, Advent is about waiting for and expecting Jesus' arrival - not just the first time (Bethlehem) or the last time (Second Coming), but THIS time.  Right now, right here.  I'll do a few more of these over... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus – Living it Out

I saw Jesus this weekend in a small village outside Kosice. We’d visited other places in the village before, but this weekend we’d been asked to stay overnight and meet some of the people in a Slovak Evangelical church that reaches out to Roma in the community. Jesus was quite clearly visible as we spent... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus – The Word made “Flesh”

Last year around this time, I posted a series of reflections called “Spotting Jesus” (read those posts here).  To me, Advent has become a three-fold celebration.  Of course most commonly we look back in celebration of Jesus’ first coming.  We also look forward to Jesus’ return.  Jesus has physically appeared once, and he will physically... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Giving in Secret

Today I spotted Jesus in the faces of my girls as we delivered presents for other children. A few days ago we received gifts to deliver to needy families about an hour from Kosice, in a couple of villages in Eastern Slovakia.  We didn't know the families the presents are going to - we only... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: White like Snow

Today, as I recovered from jetlag, I wasn't so sure where I might spot Jesus in my half-awake state.  But as usual, I found him in an unexpected and beautiful place. Each of us connects with God in different ways - I think God built this into us, these unique ways of experiencing him.  Some... Continue Reading →

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