Spotting Jesus: Advent 10-11

I haven't posted for the last couple of days because I've been traveling, recovering, and then traveling a little more.  But want to share that I found Jesus these last couple of days in familiar places... his smile reflected in smiles on the faces of my parents and so many friends I haven't seen in... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 9

Though it's technically December 10 in Slovakia, I flew to the U.S. this morning so it's been a long December 9 for me!  Despite the fact that I've been tired, I've been keeping my eyes open for Jesus.  Funny thing is, when you keep your eyes open for Jesus, you're pretty much guaranteed to find... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 8

Straight to the point:  I saw Jesus today right where I thought I might find him.  I saw his face reflected on the faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ at Devleskero Kher Church.  I heard his voice in the Spoken Word, in the songs of praise.  I felt his embrace dozens of times... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 7

I knew I wouldn't be able to post everyday, so I wasn't too surprised when I missed December 6.  But I've still been watchful, and have a spotting to report... Last night I found Jesus in a wheelchair.  His name is Petyo, and I've known him for a few months now.  He's in a wheelchair... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 5

Today, I didn't see Jesus, but I heard him - I heard him during a quiet walk through a park in town.  After the bustle of the streets and buses, the silence actually made me uncomfortable for a couple of minutes... then the sounds of God's world came alive.  I remembered that Jesus often went... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 4

It was near the end of the day before I realized I'd seen him.  I was having a short conversation with a lady I see on a weekly basis.  I have assumed, from our brief encounters, that she doesn't want much to do with me - she rarely speaks to me unless we must interact,... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 3

For many of you reading this it's still early in the day, but here it's already afternoon.  I wanted to share where I'd spotted Jesus today, in case you get a chance to spot him in the same way I did. I've been aware of Jesus' gentle presence many times today alrady.  I first saw... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus: Advent 2

Today I was on the lookout, just waiting to see where I could find Jesus.  After yesterday's fail, I was ready to jump in and do something to prove I'm not just all talk.  I spent most of the day working at home, but was actively watching while I was out and about - particularly... Continue Reading →

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