Mrs. Keatts

A couple of days ago, we got our reports from CBF of folks who have contributed in the last month. All the names we recognized... except one, a Mrs. Keatts from a nearby city here in Virginia, who had given us a gift. We searched our contact records to see if we might know her... Continue Reading →

Blessings at the Doorstep

I've been participating recently in a discipleship "Huddle," and our most recent session was about praying through the Lord's Prayer.  In this method, we take each phrase of the prayer and meditate on it, asking the Spirit to show us where this concept meets our lives.  For instance, for the first phrase ("Our Father in... Continue Reading →

Another reminder…

A few months ago, I was blessed to go on an Emmaus Walk.  After the walk, I sent out a note to the ladies that I met there telling them about our move and our new ministry.  A couple of months later, I got a phone call from one of the ladies.  Her church’s Bible... Continue Reading →

Our First $20

I was blessed last fall to be a Math Buddy at Kenbridge Elementary School.  As a Math Buddy, I worked with a fifth grade girl once a week on her math skills.  She was as much a blessing to me as I hope I was to her.  In the early spring, right after we told... Continue Reading →

GA 2011 and Commissioning

GA 2011 and Commissioning, a set on Flickr.Via Flickr: Pics from our trip to Tampa for the 20th Anniversary of CBF - the 2011 General Assembly and our commissioning service.

At General Assembly in Tampa

We're in Tampa this week at the CBF General Assembly, where we'll be commissioned on Thursday night.  Assembly is usually a great time for us to catch up with lots of friends and colleagues we don't get to see often.  This year it will be especially busy because we'll be meeting lots of NEW people... Continue Reading →

How We Got Here

This post falls under "Stones of Help."  I wrote this email to our church family in Kenbridge on April 15, giving details of how God brought us to this assignment.  If ever we doubt that God has brought us this far, this is a good reminder... Remember some of the information here is dated -... Continue Reading →

Pressing On

When you undertake any risk in life, you know that at some point you're going to question your decision. If you decide to go on a steep hike up a mountain, at some point you realize, "If I were to slip on this trail, it's a long fall to the bottom..." If you invest in... Continue Reading →

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