Untangling the Mess

A couple of weeks ago, on a sunny fall afternoon, I found myself in the middle of a grassy field on the outskirts of Kosice. I wasn’t alone – I was surrounded by hundreds of children and parents, all in various stages of flying kites.  Excitement was in the air, even if most of the... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Four Years: Keep Climbing

Note: This week marks four years since we first moved to Slovakia!  Jon's earlier posts, along with this post by Tanya, are some of our reflections on the things we've learned and experienced along the way. Because we believe that the foundation to a healthy ministry and a healthy family is a healthy marriage, Jon... Continue Reading →

Spotting Jesus – Born on the Run

The past couple of years I've enjoyed writing some "Spotting Jesus" posts during the Advent season.  After all, Advent is about waiting for and expecting Jesus' arrival - not just the first time (Bethlehem) or the last time (Second Coming), but THIS time.  Right now, right here.  I'll do a few more of these over... Continue Reading →


These days, courage is one of the things that most impresses me – maybe because it’s the thing I feel I most need in life right now. I’ve been listening to Brene Brown’s books, and she has a lot to say about courage and courageous moments – those moments we decide to risk ourselves and... Continue Reading →

Bridge builders

Some people are bridge people. This summer when we were speaking in churches, we talked about our friend Jerry (name changed). Jerry is a bridge person. Jerry is a social worker in a small primarily Roma village. He is Roma, but he had Slovak friends and he works to try to help his own Roma... Continue Reading →

What Is It Like?

As part of my supervised ministry class, this week I’ve been working on a “Context Report.”  One of the objectives of this report is to discover more about the place (and the people in the place) where we are serving.  Instead of reporting on the entire city of Kosice, I chose to focus on the... Continue Reading →


We spent a lot of time in churches and in meetings this past summer, telling about what God’s doing and how we’re trying to join in and follow along.  Looking back, the best way I can describe those times is “encouraging.”  Granted, we spent most of our time with people who are already supportive of... Continue Reading →

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