Spotting Jesus – Born on the Run

The past couple of years I've enjoyed writing some "Spotting Jesus" posts during the Advent season.  After all, Advent is about waiting for and expecting Jesus' arrival - not just the first time (Bethlehem) or the last time (Second Coming), but THIS time.  Right now, right here.  I'll do a few more of these over... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Advent

Each fall the members, ministers and mission partners of Huguenot Road Baptist put together an Advent devotion guide.  We were asked to contribute, and our devotion was included on December 13.  Here's what we wrote: Have you ever stood in a dark room long enough to let your eyes adjust – only to realize that... Continue Reading →

Not Forever…

I must admit, I’ve become a bit discouraged these last few weeks.  Thanks to seminary training and years of pastoring, I can successfully spiritualize waiting and compare it to Advent, .  But in the end I realized that our waiting is missing something.  Advent has an end point – December 25, to be precise.  Few things... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Purpose

I ask a question at the end of this post, and it’s not rhetorical – I’m interested to know how you wait purposefully during Advent and other times.  Please leave a comment! For people like us, in a society that’s focused on productivity, one of the hardest parts of waiting is finding a way to... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Ways…

Our waiting will be an expectant waiting, to be sure.  We expect to hear something, because we’ve done our part – we’ve turned in the papers, given the required money and materials to the Slovak government.  Now the ball is in their court.  We are going to hear something… we’re just not sure how we... Continue Reading →

Instant Results?

I can usually “talk a good talk” when it comes to Advent and waiting.  But truth be told, I’m not very good at real-life waiting.  When I’m preparing lunch or dinner, I will often gravitate toward a meal that takes less time to cook.  When I decide I want to buy something, I would rather... Continue Reading →

Advent and Waiting

We begin this season of Advent this weekend, and as it begins I realize we will spend at least a portion of this season waiting with expectation and hope. I don’t just mean “waiting” in the vague, spiritual sense I preached about when I was a pastor.  This is not some theological concept, some idealistic... Continue Reading →

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