What Is It Like?

As part of my supervised ministry class, this week I’ve been working on a “Context Report.”  One of the objectives of this report is to discover more about the place (and the people in the place) where we are serving.  Instead of reporting on the entire city of Kosice, I chose to focus on the... Continue Reading →


We spent a lot of time in churches and in meetings this past summer, telling about what God’s doing and how we’re trying to join in and follow along.  Looking back, the best way I can describe those times is “encouraging.”  Granted, we spent most of our time with people who are already supportive of... Continue Reading →

A Different Way of Helping…

Tanya has a story to tell... I have a friend named Kristina.  She is one of my ‘sisters’ at the Roma church.  She and her husband (Milan) are a hard-working Roma couple, full of life and in love with each other and the Lord.  They both work hard to support their family, barely make ends... Continue Reading →

Good Friday – New Life from the Ashes

A few days ago there was a brush fire in a field a couple hundred yards from our house.  The fire department responded, and the neighborhood was filled with smoke.  When it was over, the field was bare - bushes, grass, trash, everything was gone.  All that was left was a black, damp and smoking mess.  It... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on MLK Day

Today in the U.S. is a day to commemorate the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s influence changed the lives and futures of many in America, and his impact has been felt far and wide across the world. We particularly resonate with MLK’s messages of hope and empowerment for those... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned: Being Thankful

Another lesson we’ve learned has been vitally important to our spiritual and emotional health.  It involves being purposefully thankful, as often as possible. I won’t lie – living in another country and culture can be difficult sometimes.  And we have it relatively easy… not First World, for sure, but definitely not Third World either.  But... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned: Letting the Spirit Lead

One of the strongest lessons that we’ve learned has been about direction – as in, what direction we are headed. I say it’s a lesson we’ve “learned,” but it’s probably more accurate to say we’re “learning,” because it’s a lesson we need to be reminded of over and over again. A few years ago, we... Continue Reading →

Reflection on Advent

Each fall the members, ministers and mission partners of Huguenot Road Baptist put together an Advent devotion guide.  We were asked to contribute, and our devotion was included on December 13.  Here's what we wrote: Have you ever stood in a dark room long enough to let your eyes adjust – only to realize that... Continue Reading →

Open Doors

Tanya and I have enjoyed an unexpected blessing these last few weeks of the summer: we’ve been asked to sing with the worship team at Devleskero Kher. It’s fun for us – we love to sing, and we enjoy singing in harmony with others! It’s also a challenge, because we’re learning new songs each week,... Continue Reading →

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