“Humble” Lessons

One thing we're going to have to get used to in the months ahead is humility.  No matter how proficient I will want to look in a new culture with a different language, it will be obvious (sometimes painfully so) to others around me that I am not proficient at all.  I may think I... Continue Reading →


This is Buddy (the pug) and Sassy (the cat). Since Abigail and Kaitlyn aren't coming with us on the trip, we decided they could send some "scouts" along with us. The girls love stuffed animals, and these are two of their favorites - we were surprised they'd let these two go for a whole week!... Continue Reading →

How it Makes Us Feel: Thankful

This yard sale gives us a chance for thanksgiving.  A lot of these things that we're selling have history.  When we look at those things, we can cherish the memories behind them, give thanks, and pray that the next owner will find similar blessings and memories. I know it's not Thanksgiving for another few months,... Continue Reading →

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