Because we've been traveling a good bit these last couple of weeks, we haven't been able to post as we typically would.  We're in the process of moving our things from our old apartment to the house we have rented, and hope to finish that process this week.  In the meantime, the girls continue school... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – 26 May, 2014

Today's word is appropriate for the day... and it's super easy because the Slovak word sounds very similar to its English equivalent: address   =  adresa  [AH-dress-ah] This is appropriate because two addresses are changing that we feel it's important to tell you about - our HOME ADDRESS and the CONTRIBUTION ADDRESS for all contributions... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: A New Address

Friends and Partners, We wanted to let you know, a few weeks in advance, that we're going to be moving.  We'll still be in Kosice, but in a different part of the city.  We're excited about our new location - the living space is smaller, but the house has a yard and will be quieter... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – 21 April 2014

Today's word is the Slovak word for Easter: Veľká noc [velkah notes] It literally means "Big Night," and refers to the night of Saturday/Sunday, during which Jesus rose from the dead... and during which many Slovak and Roma families celebrate together.  It is traditional to fast much of the day Saturday, until the first star... Continue Reading →

Thursday Snapshot – 16 April, 2014

We have a set of photos for this week's photo Thursday.  We got an unexpected delight this week, when we visited at the Roma Elementary School in Kosice - the place we taught last year (the middle/high school closed last fall).  They were celebrating International Romani Day, and invited us to join in the celebration.... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer – Day 7

(reposted from our team blog at Peter Gaži, 27, is from Valaliky, a village near Košice, Slovakia. We first met Peter when he was a senior in high school and we taught English there.  We've kept in touch with him over the years and have had opportunity to share meals in his home with... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer – Day 6

(reposted from our team blog at But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; indeed, he has prepared a city for them. Hebrews 11:16 When my friend Robert, a chaplain in the prison system here, asked me to... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer – Day 5

(reposted from the team blog at The osada (settlement) in Vazec, Slovakia can be a pretty dark place. Lots of Roma squatting in small shanties on the edge of the village, but there are a few bright spots in Vazec. One shining light is Danka, a Slovak woman, who works tirelessly for her community particularly... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer – Day 4

I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. --Joel 2:28b NIV I admire Reilo. He had this idea and did it. Like most Sinti Romany in Germany of his generation, he never finished school. But after... Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer – Day 3

(reposted from our team blog, “Poverty is an enormous waste of potential," someone once said. In Romania, Romany children are not only disproportionately poor; they are also faced with deadening discrimination in the school system and often lack support from their homes in pursuit of an education. Consequently, few Romany children make it past... Continue Reading →

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