Roma Day at Galakticka School

International Roma Day was April 8, and it was observed and celebrated in different ways throughout the world - see here for last year's post, which includes a short explanation.  This week we were invited to attend a performance at the Galakticka School in Kosice, held in celebration of Roma Day.  It's a joy to... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Slovakia

This past weekend we celebrated Mikulaš Day [MEE-koo-losh] as many Slovaks do - the girls put their boots by the window, and St. Mikulaš (St. Nicholas) left some treats for them there. Last year we made the following video that highlights some Christmas traditions celebrated here in Slovakia.  Have you ever encountered some of these... Continue Reading →

Thursday Snapshot – 6 November 2014

Today's snapshot is actually a video.  Every Wednesday we're meeting with preschoolers and first-graders at the Roma elementary school here in Kosice.  We spend about 5o minutes with them each week, teaching them very basic English through games and songs.  We're also trying to teach them a little about God's love through our songs -... Continue Reading →

Thursday Snapshot – 18 July, 2013

A snapshot from our time in the U.S.  While we were in Greensboro for CBF General Assembly, the girls were recruited to advertise for a new Bible School curriculum by Passport Camps - it's called Have U Herd? God is Speaking to You!  So of course, the best way to advertise is to dress like sheep!

Thursday Snapshot – 11 July, 2013

This week's "snapshot" is actually a video.... hope you don't mind we cheated. 🙂 One of our partner churches, Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond VA, asked us to make a video this week of the girls answering some questions about their lives in Slovakia.  We thought it was a great idea!  Here's the video... Continue Reading →

Ask the Girls: A New School

A few weeks ago, we received some letters from children's groups in the states.  Enclosed in the letters were some questions for the girls.  Rather than just writing their answers, we decided to let them tell you the answers in their own words. This is their answer to the first question: What's your new school... Continue Reading →

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