A Word for Monday – Meeting

This weekend Jon traveled with his boys' discipleship on a výlet (trip) for an event in Slavosovce, a village two hours from Kosice.  Technically, the event was a stretnutie (stret-noo-tee-eh), the word for a meeting.  Most of us don't like meetings, it's true!  But while this word is usually translated "meeting," it is also generally used for... Continue Reading →

Words for Monday – Hope and a Needle

This fall Tanya has been busy packing up boxes filled with handmade bags and handcrafts to send to the U.S.  These bags will be given as Christmas gifts in locations around the Southeast, and recipients will know that their gift is supporting Roma women and their families. Two of our ministry partners in the village... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Games

The word for game in Slovak is simple - hra (pronounced "hrah"). One of the things we love about our boys' and girls' discipleship groups is the many games we get to play.  Sometimes we play games just for fun, but more often we play games with some kind of spiritual point or emphasis. The past... Continue Reading →

A Word for the Week – “Name Day”

NOTE: We're reposting this from 2013 in honor of Tanya's name day this week (Feb. 1). Today's word is different from usual - today we'll introduce a tradition  most Americans are not aware of:  The "Name Day." In many European countries, people celebrate their Name Day - the day of the year that corresponds to... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Hello (again)

  Romani Slovak English Lačho dives! Dobrý deň! Good day!  [lah-cho dee-vess] [doh-bree den] Even though we don't use it in English, "good day" is a typical greeting in many languages in this part of the world.  We've already shared the Slovak version of the greeting a couple of years ago, but this time we'll... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Packing Up

Since we're leaving for the U.S. this week, we're busy the next few days saying see-you-soon's and packing our bags.  It's giving us lots of chances to use Slovak words and phrases for travel and packing! These next few days will be filled with farewells (rozlúčky) with close friends and partners we've spent so much time... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – “Friends”

Slovak has several words for people you know well, depending on how close you are.  One of the most common words that hasn't made the Word for Monday list is: kamaráti [kah-mah-raht-ee] "friends, buddies" We were blessed to spend the weekend with several new kamaráti at a retreat in Hungary, and the girls have been... Continue Reading →

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