Word for Monday – Opekačka

Sometimes in other languages you stumble across a word that doesn't have a direct English translation.  This is one of those fun words... opekačka [oh-peh-kach-kah] An opekačka is an event at which you cook over an open fire - a traditional and favorite event for Slovaks and Roma in the non-winter months.  It's not to be... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – “Catching Up”

So a quick glance down our page will show just how long it's been since we've posted anything - we've either been traveling or hosting each week for the last five weeks.  Which leads us to a Slovak word we've recently learned, that accurately describes how we've been feeling... dobehneme [doh-beh-nyeh-meh] "we're catching up" We... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Grandmother

This week we're expecting a visit from Tanya's mother.  And we're already eagerly anticipating a visit to Jon's parents this summer.  So this is a perfect Monday to celebrate our grandmothers by learning those words in Slovak! The more formal word for "Grandmother" in Slovak is "Stará mama" (literally "old mother"), but more common are the... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – “Word”

Today's word is the word for "word!" slovo [SLOH-voh] Most basically we would translate it as "word."  But as in English, this word can have multiple meanings... It could just mean "a word," any set of sounds in a language that together convey a specific meaning or idea. It can also mean "a message," as we... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Church Words

This week let's look at some words that sometimes cause us confusion... both in English and in Slovak! In English - especially in the American South - we use the word "church" for lots of things.  While we have different English words for all these concepts, we often just use the word "church."  Even in... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – Animal Sounds

For our first words in 2015, let's have some fun!  We'll learn the Slovak versions of two animal sounds.  A dog (pes) says "hau-hau" [how-how] This is our dog Lucky.  Since he hangs around us, he speaks mostly English.  But surprisingly, when you listen for it, many dogs do say something like "hau-hau."   A... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – “Revolution”

revolúcia [REH-voh-loot-see-ah] Today is "Revolution Day" here in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic - the anniversary of the famous "Velvet Revolution" of November 17, 1989 that spelled the beginning-of-the-end for the Communist Leadership of Czechoslovakia.  While this is a national holiday here every year, this year's commemoration has special significance since it is the... Continue Reading →

A Word for Monday – “Elections”

This week's word might seem a little late for you, since our U.S. partners already experienced elections last week.  Here in Kosice they're occurring this week.  The word for elections is... Voľby [VOHL-bee] The elections taking place this week are for city mayors, city council, and local/regional representatives.  Like many of you, we've been seeing... Continue Reading →

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