Holiday 2019

UPDATE – The 2019 Christmas song is finally done.  “What Hope is Like” was inspired by this year’s lectionary readings from Isaiah (specifically 2:1-5).  What is hope?  How do we describe it?  I realized it was hard to put it into words… but there are plenty of images from everyday life that tell me what hope is.

Click on the player below to listen to the song:

Merry Christmas – We’re glad you found your way here!  This page has a video we made as a “thank you” and update for our many partners and friends.  Below the video are this year’s Christmas pictures (including a drawing of our family by Kaitlyn), and a few Christmas songs we’ve recorded over the years.

2019 Christmas pics – drawing by Kaitlyn (click images for larger versions)







Christmas Recordings:

One Small Child – original by David Meece, arr. Jon Parks 2018

Where We Need You – 2015

The Perfect Gift – 2007

Christmas in Your Heart – 2003


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