New CBF Funding Model – 2017

You can click on this image to go to a website that explains these changes in greater detail.

In 2016 CBF Global Missions presented a new method of funding all its Field Personnel around the world.  Under the new method, all CBF Field Personnel will be funded through two streams – the Offering for Global Missions, and through Partner-Funded Ministry giving.  The new model allows for the stability of current field personnel, and allows for growth with new workers in the future.

Here are the basics:

  • Mission PRESENCE – This portion of our support covers everything it takes for us to be present here – our living expenses, housing, salary, retirement, insurances and schooling for our girls. This portion will now be covered by the national CBF Offering for Global Missions. This is an essential part of our funding – after all, if we can’t be here, then we can’t do the work here. We’re grateful for the stability this provides as we follow where God leads!
  • Mission PROGRAMMING – This portion of our support covers everything it takes for us to do the work here – costs for ministry materials, ongoing programs, travel expenses, training and equipment that makes our ministry easier (computers and vehicles, for example). We will continue to raise support for these things as we have in the past – through direct gifts by partners like you.

This new funding method has been underway for some time, and will become official on October 1, 2017.

CBF created a website to describe these changes, and you can find out all the details there – click on this link, or on the “fish” image above to learn more.  It’s a helpful and informative website, and it explains things much better than we could!

But we created this page to address some of your specific questions.  Some of you have contacted us recently to ask what we think and feel about these changes, and how they affect what we do.

Why the change?

The world is changing – people are giving less through general offerings, and more through specific channels where they feel like their gifts are making a direct impact. The funding-model change is a way for CBF to live into this new reality. Through the new model, CBF is finding new ways to connect individual donors with specific ways God is working around the world.

The reality is that because giving is changing, the way we were doing things before was not sustainable for the long term.  Nearly all mission sending agencies in the world have shifted to some form of individual partner funding.  And this new model combines the best parts of the offering-funded model and the partner-funded model.

Isn’t this good news?

Yes! The years we spent under the partner-funded model have been joyful in terms of the connections we’ve made… but there’s always been uncertainty. This new model provides more stability for us – we now know that as long as people continue to support CBF through the Offering for Global Missions, we can remain right where God has called us!

But all change comes with challenge, and these changes are no exception.  Many of our colleagues have worked with CBF for years, and are suddenly having to switch to a different way of raising funds.  And for us, these changes come with new policies and new realities to which we must adjust in the months ahead.

Do you need me to do anything differently?

Right now, no.  If you give regularly, please continue to do so in the same way you have before.  We will contact you personally if we need you to change anything.

So you don’t need financial partners anymore?

We absolutely need financial partners – now as much as ever!  Consider…



For the sake of this discussion let’s assume our budget is $1.00.  Under the past model, 100% of the money was given through one stream.



Now there are two streams – Mission Presence and Mission Programming (described above).  About 70% of our funding now comes through gifts to the Offering for Global Missions, and 30% through direct partner funding.


On the surface it seems that’s less fundraising for us, right!?  But that’s not the way we see it, because when you step back to the bigger view…

The reality hasn’t changed much.  Even though the funding is now broken into two streams, downstream the reality is still the same – it still costs $1.00 for us to remain here. And upstream the reality is still the same – all of that $1.00 comes from people like you, seeking to support God’s kingdom growth here in Slovakia and all over the world.

So you see, your contributions are just as important as ever… this change only means that we will be asking some of you to give through a different stream.

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