Slovakia and Kosice

Ke009Slovakia is a country in Central-Eastern Europe with around 5.5 million people. The official language is Slovak, and the currency is the Euro. You may have heard the name “Czechoslovakia,” which was a Communist country from World War II until 1989. After that time, Slovakia became an independent country (parliamentary democracy).

Kosice (pronounced KOH-sheet-seh) is the second-largest city in Slovakia, with a population of about 250,000. It is a beautiful and historic city that dates at least back to the Middle Ages. Kosice and Eastern Slovakia have a high concentration of Roma people, making it a perfect place to live while ministering among the Roma.

Wikipedia – To get some good basic information about Slovakia and Kosice, Wikipedia is a good place to start. Search for Slovakia, Kosice… or whatever else interests you!  Get started at

If it Were My Home – This clever website compares statistics from the U.S. to the same statistics in different countries, and asks the question, “what would life be like if I lived in ___?” Check out the comparisons between the U.S. and Slovakia at

Commisceo Global – A website about business etiquette in different cultures, but goes way beyond just business practices! The page on Slovakia is enlightening in several ways. Find it at

Kosice 2013 – ( in 2013 Kosice had the honor of serving as the European Capitol of Culture. This website gives some information about the city and the 2013 project. The video below is a beautiful introduction to our city.


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