Newsletter Sent

We just sent our June update, including some news from the last few weeks and prayer requests for summer activities.  If you didn't get the newsletter by email, you can read it by clicking on the image below...

Happenings – Fresh Wind

Sometimes when you've been in a place for a long time, you stop noticing things.  It's not that things change, necessarily... more often, we simply stop noticing and appreciating them.  For instance, several times a week we get to make drive into the Slovak countryside to visit villages - and the views are breathtaking.  But... Continue Reading →

Happenings – Connecting Worlds

Back in April we posted about International Romani Day (April 8).  We were impressed by the performances of the students at the Galakticka Roma school in Kosice - you'd be amazed what these kids can do! That same week, we did our normal English clubs at the school in Cakanovce village.  When we asked the... Continue Reading →

Happenings – Recording

We've gotten behind on sharing the last few weeks, and there's been some pretty cool things happening.  So we want to catch you up on what's going on... but we'll do it slowly, a little bit at a time. 🙂 A couple of months ago we purchased some equipment for audio recording - Jon has... Continue Reading →

Visit – Phillip Brown

Over the last couple of weeks we were privileged to have a visit from Phillip Brown, the Pastor for Worship, Music and College Ministries at Huguenot Road Baptist in Richmond, Virginia.  HRBC has been one of our partner churches since before we moved to Slovakia, and this was Phillip's second visit here - he also... Continue Reading →

Roma Day at Galakticka School

International Roma Day was April 8, and it was observed and celebrated in different ways throughout the world - see here for last year's post, which includes a short explanation.  This week we were invited to attend a performance at the Galakticka School in Kosice, held in celebration of Roma Day.  It's a joy to... Continue Reading →

Easter in Slovakia

We haven't posted here in a while - though if you receive our email newsletter, you know that we've sent out a couple of newsletters since our last blog update.  Sorry for the long delay! First a link to our most recent newsletter, published two weeks ago - it includes invitations to a couple of... Continue Reading →

Newsletter Released

Vesele Vianoce - Merry Christmas from Slovakia!  We sent out our e-newsletter a couple of days ago, including recent ministry activities and some information about what Christmas is like in Slovakia. If you didn't receive the newsletter already you can view it by clicking on the image below.

A Word for Monday – Meeting

This weekend Jon traveled with his boys' discipleship on a výlet (trip) for an event in Slavosovce, a village two hours from Kosice.  Technically, the event was a stretnutie (stret-noo-tee-eh), the word for a meeting.  Most of us don't like meetings, it's true!  But while this word is usually translated "meeting," it is also generally used for... Continue Reading →

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