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In 2020 we’ll be releasing a project called Roma Voices, in which you’ll hear the stories of Roma musicians told through their music.  The project will include recorded songs, videos and photos, and will have its own website.  Until then, as a preview and Christmas gift, we’re releasing one song now during the holidays…  Click the player below to listen:

NOTE: We don’t own the copyright to this song, so please don’t download it.  If you want to share it, please share the link to this page.  Music: Miro Jaroš and Marek Danko, Lyrics: Miro Jaroš. © 2014 by Galgan Music.  This recording © 2019 by Romano Hangos.

Šťastné a Veselé is one of many modern popular Slovak Christmas songs you’ll hear in malls and stores while you shop this time of year.  Its title is a commonly-used phrase – when saying goodbye, instead of the typical “have a nice day,” you’ll often hear people say “šťastné a veselé!” – “Happy and Merry!”  In the lyrics below it’s been simply translated as “Merry Christmas.”  The simple song tells about the joys of the holiday season and is a wish for peace and happiness for everyone.  You can find the translation of the text below.

The musicians in this version are from the group Romano Hangos (Roma Voices), a group of students from the Lunik IX settlement in Kosice.  In this recording, the piano and guitar were performed by Alex Rybár,  percussion by René Fráter.  The soloist is Monika Guľášová, and other vocals were provided by Jessica Rybárová, Alex Rybár, Dominik Slepčík, Monika Guľášová
Ondrej Gaži, Ján Fráter, René Fráter and Roman Šana.

Šťastné a Veselé

Keď sa vonku chumelí,
vzlietajú sa anjeli.
V taký istý biely deň,
tiež som prišla na svet viem.

S týmto časom spojená,
vnímam všetky znamenia.
Ako vločka nado mnou,
lietam zimnou krajinou.

Šťastné a veselé dnes prajem Vám,
nech nikto pri stole nesedí sám.
Šťastné a veselé nech všetci máme,
nech máte celý rok len šťastie samé.

Na mesto nám nasneží,
do ulíc aj do veží.
Pri srdci ma zahreje,
ako ľudom dobre je.

Stromčeky za oknami,
všetky hrajú farbami.
Tichá noc nás bude hriať,
čokoľvek si môžeš priať.

Happy and Merry

When it’s snowing outside,
And the angels are flying…
Surely it was this kind of day,
When I came into the world!

I notice all the signs
That come with this time of year…
And like the snowflakes overhead,
I fly in a winter wonderland!

Merry Christmas I wish for you,
May no one sit alone at the table.
Merry Christmas I wish for all of us,
May you find only happiness all year long.

In the city it will snow,
On the streets and buildings.
It warms my heart to see,
How good people feel.

Christmas trees in the windows,
All dressed up colorfully.
This Silent Night will warm us –
You can wish for anything!

Original Music: Miro Jaroš and Marek Danko, Original Lyrics: Miro Jaroš. © 2014 by Galgan Music. This recording © 2019 by Romano Hangos.

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